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How to Best Prepare for Your Doctor’s Appointment, by Kathy C. Lynn, MD

January 18, 2013

1. Construct a list of your concerns, pains, or symptoms. This will help you to explain all pertinent information to your doctor. With this list, you will be less likely to forget any important details you wish to pass on.

2. Bring in a list of all the medications you currently take and what dosage you require. Even if you think your doctor already has this information, it is important to make sure you are both on the same page. A slight variance in any medication or dosage can change a doctor’s opinion or diagnosis.

3. If you expect to discuss stressful medical issues, bring along a friend or family member. This person can sit in the room with you and help record any information provided by the doctor. Additionally, such an individual can provide support if needed.

4. Don’t try to cover up any symptoms or problems you’ve been having, no matter how insignificant they might seem. All health issues are better dealt with when looked over early on, so be sure to see a physician right away if you experience any worrisome symptoms, pains, or health issues. Speaking up is far better than not speaking at all.


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About the Author:
Possessing over 20 years of medical experience, Kathy C. Lynn, MD, currently serves as a Physician at her private practice in Macon, Georgia, which she established in 1995. At her practice, Dr. Lynn focuses on diagnosing and treating issues related to internal medicine and rheumatology. Kathy C. Lynn, MD, also remains actively involved in a number of professional organizations, including the American College of Physicians, the Metropolitan Atlanta Society of Rheumatology, and the Bibb County Medical Society, among various others. In her free time, Kathy C. Lynn, MD, enjoys kayaking, water skiing, and gardening.

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