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Kathy C. Lynn, MD: Choosing a Food Dehydrator

An avid gardener, Kathy C. Lynn, MD, strives to eat home- and locally-grown foods year round by preserving her own harvest. Professionally, Dr. Lynn treats patients at her private practice in Macon, Georgia. She specializes in rheumatology and internal medicine.

If you’re interested in preserving fruits, vegetables, and even meats, dehydration is a simple and delicious way to save fresh foods for later use. There are numerous brands and options when it comes to purchasing a food dehydrator, but the two main types are shelf tray and stackable dehydrators. Begin the process by determining how large an appliance you want or need; today, many manufacturers make conveniently-sized dehydrators that easily fit onto a counter top.

Next, research dehydrators that provide even heat and air flow. In less expensive stackable dehydrators, the bottom trays often receive excess heat. Quality shelf tray and stackable dehydrators will dry food evenly without requiring tray rotation.

Once you have a few models in mind, examine the dehydrators’ construction and quality. It’s also useful to consider what types of items you will be drying, as a shelf tray dehydrator can dry taller food items. Alternatively, stackable dehydrators can be expanded by purchasing more trays. Regardless of which type you choose, a high-quality food dehydrator will allow you to enjoy the summer harvest for winters to come.